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9th February 2017

PE kits and school uniforms!

We have had quite a few PE tops/shorts and also school tops go missing in reception. Although we have managed to find some of them, they unfortunately have no name in. Please can you check your childs PE kit and school uniform to see if you have any wrong items or any items missing. We have a small collection of age 4-5 clothing in lost property!

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9th February 2017

Practical Maths – Problem Solving!

The banana group were out in Copse Corner problem solving this week! They had to build a home with a water supply using only the materials they were given. They worked brilliantly as a team!

“The water can flow into the river and there is a drain at the bottom” Freya

“This one is full now but that one is half full” Louie

“Look I’ve made it balance” Isaac

There was some fantastric maths language used! Well done banana group!

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9th February 2017

Practical Maths – Problem Solving!



IMG_3069 IMG_3066

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2nd February 2017

Kung Hei Fat Choi

IMG_6534 IMG_6538 IMG_6543 IMG_6559 IMG_6562 IMG_6578

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26th January 2017

Chinese New Year!

As part of our ‘Other Cultures and Festivals’ topic this term we have been looking at China. This week we have started to look at Chinese new year and how they celebrate. We have been taking part in lots of arts and crafts and making some beautiful Chinese lanterns, fire crackers and dragon masks.

Mr Power has been teaching us a fantastic Chinese dragon dance. Here we have dressed up in our dragon masks and pieces of material. We have danced round to music and then had a go at making our very own Chinese music using different instruments.

In maths we have been using chop sticks in the rice tray to try and collect different numbers, to make the number bonds of 10. We have been using tweezers in the Chinese squiggle tray to collect beans and pasta for counting out activities. We have also had a go at squiggling some Chinese numbers in the sand tray using paint brushes.

In literacy we have had a go at creating our own stories about dragons. Here we used our story sack full of exciting objects to give us some inspiration. We have such fantastic imaginations in reception! We had dragons that stole magical keys to the castle, dragons with magical teapots full of treasure, dragons living at the top of a beanstalk which grew bananas and even a naughty dragon who went to live at someone’s home and broke their lego!

Next week we will be concluding our lovely China topic and then starting to look at India and Diwali. Please pop back next week to see some lovely photographs of our learning!

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13th July 2015

We’re going on a BUG hunt….

bug1 bug2 bug3 bug4

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24th June 2015

Total amount raised….

A big well done to the Reception children for raising an amazing £104.30 for the Fire Fighters Charity !!!

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19th June 2015

Cake sale for the ‘Fire Fighters Charity’

A heart filled thank you to everyone who contributed today during receptions charity cake sale. So far we have raised an amazing £103.00 and we still have some money coming in!

I shall post our grand total soon so watch this space…

Well done reception, I am so so proud of you all 🙂

And thank you again to everyone who has contributed!

Miss C

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19th June 2015

Cake sale for the ‘Fire Fighters Charity’

IMG_3366 IMG_3367 IMG_3368 IMG_3369 IMG_3371 IMG_3372 IMG_3373 IMG_3375 IMG_3376 IMG_3379 IMG_3382

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18th June 2015

Friday 19th June!!

Reminder for a very exciting day in class one tomorrow. The reception children will be presenting their last class assembly – all about ‘The Great Fire of London’ and Fire Fighters.

After the assembly the reception class will then be holding a cake sale for the ‘Fire Fighters Charity’. Please join us 🙂

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